Bernard Laporte – Rugby is not just a game of 10 nations

World Rugby Vice-President Bernard Laporte, who also is the President of the French Rugby Federation, thanked The Lelos for a great game and the President of the Georgian Rugby Union Ioseb Tkemaladze for sharing his ambitious plans.

At a reception in Bordeaux after the France v Georgia match Laporte said:

“Many thanks to the Georgians for such a great and passionate game and strong resistance! Their game can only be described with one word: BRAVO!!! Also I would like to thank President Ioseb Tkemaladze for presenting his ambitious plans to enhance development of the Georgian rugby from grassroots through to the high performance. I say that rugby is not just a game of 10 Nations, and Georgia is a strongest evidence of that!”

Merci et bravo au Géorgiens pour cette solide opposition durant le match. Merci au Président Tkemaladze Ioseb pour ses projets ambitieux concernant le développement global du Rugby Géorgien ainsi que l’accroissement du Rugby junior du pays. Aujourd’hui le Rugby mondial n’est pas seulement représenté par dix nations. J’ai bien reçu l’invitation pour aller en Géorgie et je m’y rendrai très prochainement. Merci

Ioseb Tkemaladze expressed his gratitude and hope that the Georgian-French relations will be further strengthened and invited Mr. Laporte to Georgia:

“Thank you France for the hospitality and this wonderful opportunity. We need more such games to accelerate our further development. A big thank you to Mr. Laporte for the warm and businesslike welcome. We look to the future and I am confident that our long-standing relationship will be further strengthened from today onwards. That is why I would like to invite Mr. Laporte to Georgia we are looking forward to welcome you in our beautiful Country!!!”

Merci a la France. Merci à Mr. Bernard Laporte pour son accueil professionnel et chaleureux. On se projette vers un avenir pour pérenniser notre relation déjà existante depuis quelques années. On vous attend en Géorgie!!!

The answer was not delayed – “Invitation accepted! I will definitely visit Georgia as soon as possible” Laporte said.