Ioseb (Soso) Tkemaladze
December 25, 1976
Ioseb Tkemaladze, Citizen of Georgia living in capital Tbilisi; is a caring father of a big family of four children, with special attention to upbringing and providing education to the children. He, himself holds a Business Administration degree.
Ioseb background comes from business and entrepreneurship from his very early years. He has more than 25 years of experience in Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals industry. As a businessman, he was actively engaged in International Commodity trade, developing and constructing seaports, international shipping and logistics operations, including management of vessels. In all these fields, he was responsible for the execution of large-scale projects in Central and Middle Asia, Central Europe, Mediterranean and Africa.
Based on the nature of his business, Ioseb spent years living abroad, mostly in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan (over 10 years).
Currently he is actively involved in managing and developing biodiversity of Georgia with the support of International Charity Foundation CARTU, including forest management, protection and development, as well as breeding of endangered animal and bird species.
Since 2012 he is actively managing large-scale agricultural projects, both in Georgia and abroad. As a businessman and visionary serial entrepreneur, he manages development of hotels and different infrastructural projects, as well as heavy industry manufacturing projects. He has initiated number of distinguished innovative startup projects and considers the field as one of the most interesting directions. He also has special interest in developing renewable energy utilizing wind and solar.
Being inspired by the desire to serve his country and develop its economy, he took major role and served a Senior Advisor of the Prime Minister of Georgia. His name is associated with the unprecedented rehabilitation and development works in the famous balneal resorts of Abastumani and Tskaltubo, as well as attraction of foreign direct investments to Georgia.
However, such broad spectrum of business endeavors and life experiences have always been accompanied by one very special affection and subsequent cohabitation of more than 20 years, with the rugby community, in particular the rugby club LELO (six times Champion of Georgia). And later, started from 2012, he is actively supporting development of the Rugby Union. This special affection to rugby does not necessarily stem from purely sport-related reasons… He rather sees rugby as a national armor and reflection of Georgian history and genetic code. Moreover, he distinguishes and honors rugby based on a rare feature, that makes possible compatibility of such confronting components as team-spirit and individual heroic acts, demonstration of physical power and intellectual skills at the same time, martial spirit and tactical rearrangements, being competitive and seeing each other off the field with applause, that is superior act over victory and or defeat itself. These are the elements that shape a personality and transform him into an impeccable warrior of his country – integral part of our historic genetic code as well.
His food for soul and special respect goes to Georgian folk and polyphonic music, while remaining with his family in close touch with nature and his native region.
Main values and beliefs determining his personality, life and work. Preservation and promotion of Georgian national identity and faith; Promotion of healthy lifestyle; Preservation and development of healthy habitat and of biodiversity;